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I am an author, musician, astrologer, and magician practicing necromancy, and multiple forms of spirit contact.  My practice revolves entirely around collaboration with a variety of spirits with which I have developed working relationships.  I work with ancient spirits which emerge from textual traditions, elementals and personae from the local landscape, from celestial spheres, Saints of Catholic spirituality as well as the dead.  I grew up with my Grandmother reading tarot and communicating to deceased relatives for clients in my home, where Saint devotion, cartomancy, dream divination, candle spells, charm making and so on were everyday affairs.  My approach to Astrology draws on star lore and traditional methods from the Renaissance, Medieval and Hellenistic period translated into contemporary themes which encourage the client to find greater autonomy in the universe and locate tools to best navigate the space weather.


Tarot or Geomancy Sessions

Quick Tarot or Geomancy readings are available for walk-ins if schedule allows. ($15 - 15min) but we encourage scheduling your reading ahead of time.

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Quick readings are available through our on-line scheduler - Use the buttons below.

To schedule a full natal or transit report with preparation, use the contact form below.
- Full natal chart report and some transits $150, 90+ minutes
- Full transits report $100, 90+ minutes 


Spirit Divination and Spell Work

Must be scheduled in advance.
- General Divination (done privately) $60 10+ minute session to discuss question and 30+ minutes session to discuss answer
- Spell Work & Amulet: cost varies, contact for schedule and commission.
** Alternately, a dressed and consecrated candle is sometimes available immediately. $30 per


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