Herbs of the Hedge Witch

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Class begins June 13th at 7pm

Lead by Suzanne Stone, classes will meet every other Wednesday starting June 13th, from 7pm-8:30pm. You may attend the full series or per class. 

List of Herbs covered 

June 13:  Violet, Primula, Our Lady's Mantle
June 27: Hawthorn, Brambles, Elder
July 11: St. Joan, Yarrow, Poppy
July 25: Mugwort, Wormwood, Rue
August 8: Mullein, Vervain, Clary Sage
August 22: Hyssop, Thistles, Motherwort
September 5: Angelica, Solomon's Seal, Elecampane
September 19: Rowan, Yew, Sumac

Find out more about Suzanne Stone - visit her website at moonofhyldemoer.com