Essential Oil Meditation Blend

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meditation blends.jpg

Essential Oil Meditation Blend


These essential oil perfume rollers are blended to enhance your day.

Aweccan: an earthy ripe fruit and floral scent perks up your mental state and gets you ready to face anything. (a heady blend of fig, balsam, cedar and ylang ylang)

Panikon Deima: a bright and relaxing blend that will help you through the hard times. Formulated to help reduce anxiety and bring calm. (a friendly blend of sweet marjoram, sage and lavender)

Vysti: for walks along the ocean in moonlight. This sensual scent will wrap you in love and cuddle you like a down comforter. (A sexy blend of lilac, frankincense, sage, sandlewood and vetiver)

Volume: 10 Milliliters

Ingredients: Pure essential oils, grapeseed oi

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