The Hawthorn Room at Alder & Vine

We offer a variety of sessions throughout the week in the healing space we call The Hawthorn Room. Scroll down to meet the readers, diviners, and energy workers that share our space. 

  • Note: Crssy is working by appointment only on Friday.

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Crssy Puccire


Tarot - Geomancy - Astrology - Divination - Spell Casting

I am an author, musician, astrologer, and magician practicing necromancy, and multiple forms of spirit contact.  My practice revolves entirely around collaboration with a variety of spirits with which I have developed working relationships. 

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Kyla Quigley


Tarot with Yogic and Breath Techniques

I am an artist, yoga teacher and tarot reader. My readings are playful and intuitive. I see readings as an opportunity to reflect on your situation and bring potential clarity when there's been doubt, fear or confusion. I offer a variety of breath and simple yogic techniques (grounding, relaxation etc.) to accompany readings. I'm currently drawing my interpretation of the tarot deck.